Good times

Had a great 5 days off, can’t believe how quick it went. Was even better cuz my sissy came to visit and stay over. Hopefully she wasn’t too bored but it was so nice having her here and I know her nephews enjoyed the visit too (hehee, the kittens). I think the boys kept her awake lots as they were excited to have her here :-). Loki especially enjoyed her bag of knitting and dragged it from the den into the kitchen so he and brother Rory could gnaw on the bag! Bad boys.


Sickness sucks!

Yup, who likes being sick? I’ve been sick since last Friday when it all started with a lump in my throat. Felt like I couldn’t swallow and, of course, just got worse from there. Really ticks me off as I had a brutal cough during x-mas, now I’m sick again? Argh. Sounds like hubby’s friends are ill too so I think he was the carrier, although he got sick right after me too.

We were whining the other night about how we didn’t have a mommy to take care of us (mine recently passed and his lives overseas). Remember those childhood days when your mom was there to bring you ginger ale, chicken noodle soup, cold washcloth and fuss over you? Sigh, miss you mom.

10 items or less


I was in the grocery story yesterday, stocking up on sick supplies (soup, crackers, Vicks, etc) and was waiting in the 10 items or less lane. I wasn’t feeling great, of course, and was probably kinda dozy as well. There was an elderly gentlemen in front of me and he had a cart he was unloading onto the belt. Now, maybe I was looking at him weird or something (I was totally off in lala land) but he looks right at me and says very firmly:

“9 items”.

Hmmmm, okay, good of you to tell me. Not sure if he was thinking I had more than ten and was reminding me or what was going on. If I had been on my game, I would’ve said “11 items”. Haha, because that is what I had in my basket.

Oh the irony!

We were ousted from our house recently while work was being done with harmful materials. The question is, what do you do with 4 cats and 2 people? It’s too cold to stay outside in a camper (not that we have one anyways). We couldn’t ask friends to take all of us in (no way!). Instead we were off to a hotel for the night. It actually went pretty well with only 1 cat hiding under the bed the entire time (Pepper). The other 3 enjoyed themselves, especially the two boy kittens. They loved springing from one bed to another.

Another favourite activity was sitting in the window and enjoying the view. They couldn’t get enough of that, especially Abby!











After we left the hotel, with a late check-out, we still had hours to kill before being allowed back in our house. Where do you go with 4 cats?? To the dog park, of course! We purchased a small pop-up tent and put that in the back of our car. At least the cats had room to roam. Then off to the park where I opened the back for them. They got sun, a lovely breeze and a scenic prairie view to enjoy. Pepper spent her time inside the litter box ………..














The mummy returns … lymphedema

Yup, I’ve been mummified once again. What is it? It’s called Lymphedema and it does get tiresome explaining to people as they freak out when they see my arm, thinking I’ve been in some horrific accident. Which I guess is kinda true, it was called cancer and was an awful accident. So here is the definition of it:


Lymphedema, also known as lymphatic obstruction, is a condition of localized fluid retention and tissue swelling caused by a compromised lymphatic system, which normally returns interstitial fluid to the thoracic duct and then the bloodstream. The condition can be inherited, though it is frequently caused by cancer treatments, and by parasitic infections. Though incurable and progressive, a number of treatments can ameliorate symptoms. Tissues with lymphedema are at risk of infection.

Sounds fun, right? What it boils down to is during my breast cancer surgery they had to remove a lot of lymph nodes in my arm as they had cancer in them. However, you need those lymph nodes to manage fluid in your arm, without them your arm swells. There are ways to manage the swelling by using compression garments to force the fluid back up your arm. I’m special though and I’ve got a dozen sleeves, gloves, one-piece sleeves but nothing works. My swelling starts right in my fingertips which makes it very hard to start the compression there.

For the most part it isn’t too bad, it’s always swelled, just depends how much. But when they weather is warm or humid, it gets worse. When I do a lot of lifting, physical work, it gets worse. A lot of events aggravate it (like walking in a mall with your arm hanging down). Lately it’s been really bad, my skin feels really tight and it’s hard to move my wrist (we’ve been doing basement renos so that meant emptying the basement, lots of physical activity!).

So for this week I am doing the wrapping everyday to get the swelling down. That means wrapping each finger first in a sticky tape, then a cloth sleeve, then a piece of foam wrapped all the way up my arm, next are the 4 packs of tensor bandages getting progressively looser as I wrap them around my arm up to the shoulder. I’ve actually skipped a couple items this week. I would normally also have a piece of material on the back of my hand wrapped with a gauze bandage.

Usually once I get my arm all wrapped up, I begin to notice my thumb is numb! Haha. So I either have to suffer on, try to loosen the tape on my thumb or worst case, unwrap everything and begin again. Ugh. Having the sticky tape on my fingers makes everything more difficult (typing, pulling up your pants, getting a jacket on, etc).

Most times I accept my fate but when it gets bad, I do get pissed about having this condition (only for the rest of my life …). I know there are worse things so I do try to focus on that. I could be dead, ya know?? 🙂

Out of context

I was fueling up my car yesterday and the lady at the pump next to me says, “Hi, how are you?”. Oh crap! Who is this??? A dark haired lady with big shades. I was sure she had me mistaken for someone else and I was going to tell her that. Then a few seconds later, I realized it was my doctor!! I said I wasn’t used to seeing her out of the office. She laughed and said that she does do other things, like groceries, gas, picking up kids, etc. I see her enough (every month at least) that I should’ve recognized her, but she was out of the office context. No white coat, sitting at her computer, typing up my recent appointments/results.

It’s funny because my previous doctor I went to for over 15 yrs and she never recognized me out of the office (barely in the office either). So, it’s a nice surprise to have your doctor actually know who you are. But then again ……. is that because I’m there all the time??? Hmmmm …………