Sheer laziness

I’m sure everyone has seen those parking spots at the grocery store (and everywhere else now) for parent parking. Not sure I agree with this at all and especially not when I see people abuse it. I assume it’s for people with babies, toddlers, young children to make it easier to get them into the store. Today a lady pulled in next to me at this parent parking spot. She sat texting for awhile and then decided to run into the store. She opened the back door and I assumed she was getting her baby or toddler out. Nope. There was an older child, at least 10, sitting there. She left him there while running into the store. She was young (in her 20’s) and fit, no reason on this earth why she should be using this stall. An easy way to get a parking spot near the front. Total and utter laziness, shame on her.

Rockin’ the House – Def Leppard!

Last night we were off to Calgary to see one of my favourite classic bands, Def Leppard. Now we have seen them a few times but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to see them every time they come around. I’ve had some bad luck the last couple times we seen them. The last time I suffered a fractured ankle getting to my floor seat (the Calgary Saddledome had rug covering cords and the floor was uneven and I tripped, even though I was being extra careful). They checked me over and said I was fine (found out a couple days later that my ankle was fractured). Anyways, I still hobbled/hopped to my seat and stood for the next couple hours (although I had to sit a couple times as I was getting dizzy and lightheaded). The time before that a gallbladder attack began on our drive down and they usually would last 6 hours, so I was in intense pain for the entire concert. Can’t say I really enjoyed myself. Tried to get some meds from the nurse but nothing was helping.

Soooooo, fingers were crossed that last night would not turn into an episode of illness and it did not!! I survived without any accidents or problems.

We arrived early as we always seem to cruise in at the last minute and miss something or the band starts early. Around 7:30 pm, One Bad Son came on stage. I was really looking forward to them as one of my current favourite songs is Retribution Blues by them (and Rustbucket). They started singing and oh my, it was bad. You were bad, One Bad Son! So disappointing. The vocals were terrible. The low notes were ok, but going for anything high was bad. Not sure what was going on with the singer but his voice was ratched. Maybe he’s not used to touring/singing every night or maybe too much partying the night before but it was not good. It was an unfortunate 45 minutes of ‘singing’. I was hopeful though that my favourite song would still sound good …. nope, that was not to be. It was painful to listen to. As hubby said (and he’s a singer in a band himself), this does not bode well for the band if they can’t sing good live, no one will want to come see you. I was curious as one of their songs had a riff that sounded just like Welcome to the Jungle by Guns N’ Roses. I was that must be one of their influences, but doesn’t appear so.

After they were done we waited for Def Leppard and around 8:45 pm, they came on stage to the excitement of us all. We were a little worried as one of the last times we seen them, the singer’s voice was not doing well. But to our surprise (and relief), he sounded awesome. Can’t hit all the high notes they used to, a lot of the lower range now but at least it sounded good. They started the night rocking and continued that way until 10:15 pm. There were a lot of highlights as favourite songs were played (Let’s Get Rocked, Pour Some Sugar on Me, Rock of Ages). The crowd was well into it and they had the place shakin’! Great show! Well worth seeing once again!



A weight lifted

Unless you have been through the whole cancer experience, you cannot truly appreciate what it means to live your life through appointments and the constant and unending fear of re-occurrence. Today I had an appointment at the Cancer Clinic to go over my latest mammogram results (a follow-up from something they didn’t like in January). Looks like whatever it is has stayed the same so they are happy with it and said I’m good for another 6 months before the next follow-up. Definitely a wave of relief to hear those words.

My next concern is that I’ve been on my hormone drugs now for 5 years and that’s what I signed up for, 5 years. However, over the last couple years a new report has come out that says staying on Tamoxifen for 10 years is even better for you. I’m not happy about that as I am also on blood thinners (aka rat poison) because of the Tamoxifen. This means weekly testing, constant bruising, hair loss and such. I spoke with the Nurse Practitioner and for once, a medical professional did not make me feel guilty about wanting to stop the Tamoxifen. She didn’t make me feel like I’m going to die tomorrow if I stop or that I’m a bad person if I stop taking it. As that’s been my experience up to now from the male doctors. We talked about the benefits of staying on another 5 years and it’s about 3-4% benefit ……. not worth it from my perspective. If it upped my odds of survival by 50%, hey I’d be a total idiot to not stay on it.

Basically, I’m tired. Tired of feeling like crap, tired of constant tests, tired of waiting nervously for results, tired of being told what to do. I’ve done everything they’ve asked of me, the numerous tests, unending appointments, surgery, chemo and even radiation (although I didn’t have to), then 5 years of drugs. I feel like I lose a little more of myself every day and I don’t recognize this person anymore. She’s angry and mad all the time, she has no patience, she doesn’t care about people, she feels there is nothing to look forward to expect more tests and appointments.

So, will I stop this drug? Yes. When will I stop it? I haven’t decided yet, but it will be soon. I have to meet with my regular doctor first to make sure all my ducks are in a row in stopping all these meds. Will I get my life back??? Hell YES!!!!!!! It’s time for me to be me again.