Okay, that’s not really a word but it’s how I feel. I’m not good at making decisions at the best of times but doing renos, you make them ALL the time! Oy. We are developing our basement for the first time and from choosing fixtures, trim, colours, knobs, hinges, counter, tile, sinks, cupboards, carpet, lino, doors, OMG, the list goes on and on. So you are trying to match colours with a tiny micro-sized sample and imaging how a whole room will look in that colour with all your accents and such. Oh man.

I think we have chosen good so far. We’ve put on the paint now and like the colour (thank goodness). Now, hopefully, everything we’ve matched to that colour looks just as good once installed. It’s exciting to be close to the finish line as having your house in disarray for months isn’t so much fun. The garage is stacked to the roof with everything from the basement. It’s a teetering contest to see which items will fall first (and hopefully not on my car!!).

Still a few weeks away but so looking forward to it being completed. The cats are so disappointed that they aren’t allowed in the basement anymore as it was their playzone. Not anymore! It should be interesting to see what they think of everything down there. It was such a shithole with cat litter and crap everywhere. I hate mess, makes me cranky so it was time for this to be done. Yay!!


This is spectacular. A lady, Emily McDowell, has made empathy cards for those going through a serious illness. However, they are hilarious and hit on all the trite things people say to you during that time and what you really want friends to say to you instead. I love them and they go perfectly with my sense of humour. So often during a serious health crisis people try to be overly cautious in what they say to you, instead of really saying, this sucks rocks! Fabulous!


Orange is the new blue

orangecrushvigYesterday was history in the making in Alberta. The PC party, in power for 44 years, was strongly and decisively ousted by the people and replaced by NDP! There was no hiding their wrong-doings over the past several years, first by Redford and then Prentice. The people were not ready to forgive their misuse of our money for their own personal benefit and then blaming the people for the over expenditures. Change was in the air and came swiftly when an early election was called (wow, was that a bonehead move by the PC’s).

All that remains now is to see what Rachel Notley is going to do for Alberta. The pressure will be enormous as she will have a lot to prove to the people. Hopefully, the faith that has been put in her won’t be in vain.


Who loves purple??? Apparently I do, in huge amounts! Sheeesh. I have a purple blouse, purple sweater, purple shoes and guess what I’m knitting??? A purple afghan! Yup, purple is definitely my fave, makes me smile. When do you say it’s too much though? Maybe if I had purple pants on, right?


Milk … it does a body good!!

Hubby always gives me heck for never finishing my hot drinks to the bottom (that’s cuz they are usually cold by the time I get there!). Often, we have a hot milk at bedtime with some cinnamon to make us sleepy. One of our kitties, Loki, has decided that it’s his job to finish my milk for me in the morning. Of course he can’t get his head into my cup so he finds an alternate way to empty it for me! Little monkey!

Loki-drinking milk


poisonSo I’m in the hardware store the other day and what do I spot? A box of Warfarin. Now for most people that wouldn’t be an especially exciting find. However, I take Warfarin in the pill form every day. Everyone tells me it’s rat poison (in smaller doses for the rats) but it sure makes you look twice when you actually see it in the store marketed as poison and you are putting it into your body.

Now my question is, can I save money by buying it by the block at the hardware store? I’m thinking I just need to figure out how many licks a day I need of it to match my current dosage. This could be a great money saver!