In a rush?

So why is it when someone contacts you in a panic to get a job done and you work through your lunch for them … they are unavailable to answer any of your questions regarding their urgent project? Sure, they are busy taking a long, extended lunch while you are working your ass off for them. How rude!

breast cancer ribbon

Cancer-versary — 5 Years, yes!!

Yup, today is the 5 year cancer all clear day. Unless you’ve gone through cancer, you don’t realize the significance of making it to the 5 year cancer mark. All the research/reports, etc always focus on your survival rate after being diagnosed with cancer and how likely you’ll get to 5 years. So, today, I am there! Now tomorrow, I could be hit by a bus, but I’m hoping not! 🙂

So for all you ladies out there, get your yearly mammogram and don’t wait till you are 50, that’s a bunch of nonsense. And I better not hear of anyone scaring others about how awful they are. It’s 4 pictures, 10 seconds per picture. If you can’t do that, then there is no way you could get through the cancer ride! Check yourselves monthly as that is the only sure way to stay on top of things.

When the doctor told me it was a long road, he wasn’t kidding. It’s been a tough go from being diagnosed with breast cancer to finding out the tumor was twice the size they had thought. My diagnosis was changed multiple times (not for the better). But I just tried to focus on getting through each obstacle and test.

What helped get me through cancer …

was the support of many friends and some special family members. There was the support of friends and family far away and family overseas to the ladies who made up a load of frozen meals so we didn’t have to cook, to those who came on my Dec trips to Calgary, to those who came to chemo with me, to my friend who cut my hair for me after my first chemo and the friends who were there to support me that night, to the ladies who came over on Wednesday Movie Night. That meant so much. I’d have chemo on Thurs and knew I had to be feeling good by Tues so I could clean and be ready for Wed night. Gave me that extra motivation every week. Love you guys!!! I’m not saying names cuz I don’t want to miss anyone!

My sister, Darvy, was there for me too. She came to visit and brought her laughter and love. She even came and stayed with me a week during the 4 weeks where I had to drive to Calgary everyday for radiation (took about 5 hrs out of your day). We had such fun and laughs and it meant so very much to me! Love you sis!

And, of course, where would I be without my love? He was there every day, every step of the way of this cancer trip. He never made me feel less than I was after my mastectomy or looked at me in horror as my body transformed into a train wreck. After I was violently puking after my first chemo, he was scrambling to see what pills would help. He helped me out of bed when I couldn’t move my arm, bought me truck loads of ginger ale, made dinners, helped me shower and empty all those nasty drains, never complained when I couldn’t sleep and kept him awake all the time. He never showed he was worried but was just confident we would get through it all together. Love you the most!!


Happy Birthday Twinnies!!!

Today was our twin boys 1st birthday … Loki and Rory!! Can’t believe a year has passed already. Wow.

They were so little when I got them from my sister (I hadn’t planned on getting any new kitties, let alone one and then two!). They are pretty damn adorable though and have brought some smiles to our faces over the last year, when it was hard to find anything to smile about. Love our little men!

Here’s pics of our first year together 🙂