Birthday Boy!

Had a lot of fun this weekend as it was hubby’s birthday! We usually have a birthday/x-mas party to celebrate (just an excuse to get together with friends really). Friday was crazy busy as I spent 5 hours cleaning and tidying, oy. Probably a good thing to have a party every once in awhile so you do a big clean on the house, haha.

On Saturday the party began around 7pm. Sean cooked a huge beef prime rib and we had all the fixin’s, taters, salads, buns, millions of appy’s and snackies. The meat was cooked perfectly, OMG, and so delicious. There was only a tiny bit left over, which was great.

Sean bought himself a new guitar (an Ovation) for his birthday so I had to get him something else. His dad had drawn a picture for him many years ago for Christmas when he was 17. It was of Jimi Hendrix. When hubby moved here from Britain, he didn’t bring it with him and had asked over the years for dad to send it. I believe we’ve even asked when we’ve gone to visit, but no luck, dad wasn’t letting go of it since it was part of his decor now.

Over the past several months, I had been working with my mother-in-law in the hopes of getting her to convince dad to send the picture. She kept saying he was going to send it, but nothing ever arrived. It took a look of convincing and then I think she just brought the hammer down (as they are divorced) and I had it within a few days!! I was pretty surprised to find it in the mail, now I had to scramble to get it framed in time! Luckily I was able to and have it ready for the party.

Sean was pretty surprised/shocked when he took the paper off, saying “No way!!!”. He didn’t believe it was the original … but it was! I’m so glad I was able to get a little piece of home for him to hang up here. I know it meant a lot to him and that makes me happy. Best surprise ever! (well, except for the year I got him a Gibson guitar after saving up all year for that! He was extremely surprised with that one too).

The party was great fun with about 20 friends and finally wrapped up around 5 am, haha. It was fun to just relax and have some laughs.

Here’s a pic of sweetie with the drawing:

Sean and Jimi










Later on in the party, the guitar came out and the piano for some sing-a-longs and solos. Here’s the boys doing a barbershop quartet I think: