Knitting – a rush to the finish

Baby blanket

Today I met up with a dear friend for lunch and a visit. She comes to visit me every few months since she retired (lucky, isn’t she?).

She recently became a grandma so I wanted to make something for her new granddaughter. I started knitting a baby blanket several months ago but got side-tracked with other projects and kept thinking I had lots of time to finish. Well, that wasn’t true as I ended up working late last night trying get it knitted in time for our meeting today. Nothing like leaving things to the end. Sheeesh. I was able to finish it though, get it washed up nice and wrapped. Phew.

I’m quite pleased with how it turned out. I used a jacquard yarn that I hadn’t tried before and I also had to do the edging separately and sew it on (another thing I learned). It’s nice to be able to make something yourself and give to someone as a gift.

Good day for shopping!

Had a great day running a couple errands. First stop was at the craft store to pick up some new knitting needles (some verra bad kitties had chewed my metal ones making them very scratchy to work with) and a couple pictures frames. As I was checking out, I realized it was 50% off one item day but I didn’t have my coupon with me, no big deal. The lady behind me though stepped up and asked if her coupon could be used twice, the cashier said yes and she offered me her coupon. How nice was that? Thank you anonymous craft shopper!

BagAfter that, it was off to the fat ladies clothing store (yes, unfortunately I have to shop there … although hopefully for not much longer!). Usually I don’t like the sales people helping me but when the lady asked, I said yes, why not. And I’m glad I did. She was so incredibly helpful in finding pants and a top for me. I even let her see me wearing them in front of the mirror (another thing I never do! I usually hide in the changing room). She then gave me suggestions on what fit, what didn’t, what looked good and helped me get the right size. The best part is I was a size smaller than what I thought :-). It really gave me a nice boost to my confidence to have something that fits nicely. So, thank you sales lady!

Funny how little things, like people being nice, can really make or break your day.