Harlequin and See Alice Rocking Out

Had a great time on the weekend as the band See Alice performed at a local bar. A local (rich) guy was having his 60th birthday so had booked the bar and hired an old band from the 80’s, Harlequin, to perform. It was quite an extravaganza with various food stations set up to cook the stir fry you wanted or different appetizers and snacks, along with fresh roast. There was also a comedian, a magician and a photo booth. The birthday boy also paid for everyone’s drinks that was in the bar (holy moly!!). Basically it was a free night of food, friends, fun, music and good times. Truly excellent!

Harlequin played from about 9:30-12:30 am and then See Alice closed down the night from 12:30 to 2:30 am. A group of our friends showed up and we just had a lot of fun drinkin’, eatin’ and dancin’.

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Knitting Project Finally Completed

Well, it’s taken awhile but I have finally completed a knitted afghan for my nephew (apparently I made one for his brother many many years ago but never got around to making one for him, ooops!! my bad).

Knitted Afghan
Knitted afghan for nephew

It was made with quite large needles so it’s really a loose pattern. Hopefully doesn’t fall apart on him! It only took me a couple years to complete. One of my resolutions for this year is to finish off many of my knitting projects I have on the go. I think there is around 13 or so … I’m just gonna work my way through them.