Getting out

When I seen my doctor on Tuesday she gave me a note to stay off work until I see the surgeon (July 10), which was relieving news. Being at work has been nearly impossible over the past 4 months while suffering my illness. Now I don’t have to stress everyday about getting to work and being able to concentrate and not worry about needing to get home. 

For the first time in weeks, I was able to have coffee with a friend the other day and then yesterday another friend came over to visit. It really was a boost to my mental state to be feeling well enough to visit. 

I actually had a decent day yesterday and today hasn’t been too bad. It surprises me to have some good hours and I just want to jump around and scream for happiness to have moments where I’m not suffering. I’m obviously being taught the lesson, again, about how important your health is and having those good moments are so so so vital to living each day.

More results

It was off to see my doctor again, hoping she would have results from my scope last week. I don’t see the surgeon till July 10 for the results as he’s away … again. Thank goodness she had the results though and told me the pathology showed no cancer (the same as the first biopsy). So, that’s good news, not that I felt there was cancer, but it’s good to be for sure. 

The first time I seen the surgeon he told me surgery was extremely unlikely and it was a condition I would have to learn to live with and manage (WTF?). I’m afraid my mental state took a huge hit after that news as I felt like a normal life was over. The report from him today said surgery was most likely now good grief. So that gives me hope that I’ll be able to have a normal life again at some point. Not that I want to have surgery, but if I can actual do things and plan things and live, that would be most awesome!

Concert tickets

Def Leppard/Poison Concert – Missing out

Tonight Def Leppard, Poison and Tesla will be performing at the Calgary Saddledome. I did have tickets … I was going … until I had to sell my tickets :-(. Unfortunately the stomach issues I’ve had for the past 3 months have persisted and I just couldn’t make it to the concert (and I’m waiting on biopsy results). I am so disappointed and sad. Now, I have seen Def Lepaprd roughly a 100 times, LOL, but I still want to see them every time they come around.

When I purchased my tickets back in January, I did have a concern about being able to go. This wasn’t because I was sick at the time, no, it’s because I’ve had a bit of bad luck when I’ve gone to their concerts. A few years ago, I fractured my ankle tripping on loose wires at the Saddledome while getting to my floor seat. I was in agony, but we stayed for the whole concert!! I’m a dedicated fan, lol.The time after that, I suffered a gallbladder attack throughout the entire concert. That was agonizing as well, oh my. Yes, Def Leppard and I are a bit of a bad combo, to say the least.

I probably shouldn’t have bothered pressing my luck and buying tickets, but, you see, Poison was going to be performing as well (another of my favourites) and I’ve never seen them in concert (and never will I guess). Ugh, argh! My husband seen Poison years ago. We had actually just started dating the month before and he already had tickets to go with his cousin, so I missed out on that time and we’ve never had another opportunity.

So tonight, I’ll try to avoid looking online at all the postings by people attending the concert (as I’ll be entirely too jealous!). All I can do is cross my fingers they all come back around again (hahaha), although with my luck, it’s probably in my best interest to not buy tickets!!

Doctor, Doctor!

So it’s been 3 months since I’ve been feeling poorly (that’s putting it mildly). I’ve seen my doc and we done bloodwork, scans, x-rays, etc but she can’t figure out what is wrong (meanwhile, I suffer). I finally got an appointment for a specialist for that wasn’t until the end of September which would mean 4 more months of suffering. A total write-off of this year. Luckily, I went back to my doctor in the hopes of going over my symptoms again and finding out what is wrong, she then suggested she’d contact the specialist and see about moving up my appointment. By the time I got home from the appointment that day, my doctor and the specialist had called and got me a new appointment within 6 days! I’m pretty sure my doc played the cancer card, but you know what? I don’t care, going through all that shit has to come in handy once in awhile! haha

I seen the specialist yesterday and the test went good, however he didn’t talk to me after like he was supposed to, he just left me a note. While nothing serious was found, I didn’t have the opportunity to ask questions. Now I have to wait 3-4 weeks for the results of the biopsy to see what is going on and then decide on treatment. Holy moly, drag this thing out, that’ll be 4 months of pain.

I’ve been unable to leave the house very much so it’s made my world shrink very small, nothing to look forward to as I don’t dare plan on anything. I’ve even had to give up tickets I had to one of my favourite bands as I can’t chance travelling to see them and being ill. It seems once again, I am being taught the all important lesson of valuing your health and not taking for granted those days when you feel good and happy and pain free. It definitely makes you want to enjoy all the small things so much more.