Doctor, Doctor!

So it’s been 3 months since I’ve been feeling poorly (that’s putting it mildly). I’ve seen my doc and we done bloodwork, scans, x-rays, etc but she can’t figure out what is wrong (meanwhile, I suffer). I finally got an appointment for a specialist for that wasn’t until the end of September which would mean 4 more months of suffering. A total write-off of this year. Luckily, I went back to my doctor in the hopes of going over my symptoms again and finding out what is wrong, she then suggested she’d contact the specialist and see about moving up my appointment. By the time I got home from the appointment that day, my doctor and the specialist had called and got me a new appointment within 6 days! I’m pretty sure my doc played the cancer card, but you know what? I don’t care, going through all that shit has to come in handy once in awhile! haha

I seen the specialist yesterday and the test went good, however he didn’t talk to me after like he was supposed to, he just left me a note. While nothing serious was found, I didn’t have the opportunity to ask questions. Now I have to wait 3-4 weeks for the results of the biopsy to see what is going on and then decide on treatment. Holy moly, drag this thing out, that’ll be 4 months of pain.

I’ve been unable to leave the house very much so it’s made my world shrink very small, nothing to look forward to as I don’t dare plan on anything. I’ve even had to give up tickets I had to one of my favourite bands as I can’t chance travelling to see them and being ill. It seems once again, I am being taught the all important lesson of valuing your health and not taking for granted those days when you feel good and happy and pain free. It definitely makes you want to enjoy all the small things so much more.