Getting out

When I seen my doctor on Tuesday she gave me a note to stay off work until I see the surgeon (July 10), which was relieving news. Being at work has been nearly impossible over the past 4 months while suffering my illness. Now I don’t have to stress everyday about getting to work and being able to concentrate and not worry about needing to get home. 

For the first time in weeks, I was able to have coffee with a friend the other day and then yesterday another friend came over to visit. It really was a boost to my mental state to be feeling well enough to visit. 

I actually had a decent day yesterday and today hasn’t been too bad. It surprises me to have some good hours and I just want to jump around and scream for happiness to have moments where I’m not suffering. I’m obviously being taught the lesson, again, about how important your health is and having those good moments are so so so vital to living each day.

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