And the results are in … mammogram

Met with my doc again today to go over my test results. I thought she was just gonna tell me about having to do another mammogram in 6 months. Boy was I wrong. Apparently the Radiologist has reviewed my wonky mammogram and decided that an MRI was required instead. I guess that’s a good thing as it means we will know specifically if something isn’t right and we’ll know sooner than the 6 months. However, they don’t do these very often as they are expensive and show more detail (so everyone would want one! haha). I guess it’s your health … at a price. The fortunate (?) thing for me is that having had cancer, it usually means you get special treatment and tests that mere mortals do not. Sweet eh?

So I’ve been put on the semi-urgent list which means I’ll be having my MRI within 30 days. The only other problem is I have to go to a bigger city for it, as they aren’t able to do this kind here in town (what a pain in the butt). Oh well, what can you do?

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