Time for your close-up … mammogram

Today was mammogram day, something I don’t mess around with when it’s time for it to be done. It was the usual show, take a couple pictures, out to the waiting room, called back in to take a couple more, back to the waiting room, called back in for an ultrasound. Now here where it was new as after the ultrasound was shown to the tech, he came in to do an ultrasound himself. So I had two of them hovering over my boob trying to see what was on the screen. Something they didn’t like, obviously.

After several minutes of them scrutinizing the screen and my boob, it was decided there was something different since my last mammogram but nothing they could specifically biopsy (gawd, I hate that word). So the tech told me the recommendation would most likely be to have another mammogram in 6 months and see if anything else changes. Okay, that works for me. Waiting isn’t so great but last year I had 3 mammograms during the year as they tried to rule out any changes.

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