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It was off to see my doctor again, hoping she would have results from my scope last week. I don’t see the surgeon till July 10 for the results as he’s away … again. Thank goodness she had the results though and told me the pathology showed no cancer (the same as the first biopsy). So, that’s good news, not that I felt there was cancer, but it’s good to be for sure. 

The first time I seen the surgeon he told me surgery was extremely unlikely and it was a condition I would have to learn to live with and manage (WTF?). I’m afraid my mental state took a huge hit after that news as I felt like a normal life was over. The report from him today said surgery was most likely now good grief. So that gives me hope that I’ll be able to have a normal life again at some point. Not that I want to have surgery, but if I can actual do things and plan things and live, that would be most awesome!

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