Porky Pig

Picked up a pig today … no really, a pig. Okay, he was already dead and processed into pork chops, bacon, ham … you get the picture :-). One of the ladies at work raises them so I split one with another lady at work, so it was half a pig we got. The cost was extremely reasonable for all the meat we got and we know how it was raised which is nice to know too!

Time for your close-up … mammogram

Today was mammogram day, something I don’t mess around with when it’s time for it to be done. It was the usual show, take a couple pictures, out to the waiting room, called back in to take a couple more, back to the waiting room, called back in for an ultrasound. Now here where it was new as after the ultrasound was shown to the tech, he came in to do an ultrasound himself. So I had two of them hovering over my boob trying to see what was on the screen. Something they didn’t like, obviously.

After several minutes of them scrutinizing the screen and my boob, it was decided there was something different since my last mammogram but nothing they could specifically biopsy (gawd, I hate that word). So the tech told me the recommendation would most likely be to have another mammogram in 6 months and see if anything else changes. Okay, that works for me. Waiting isn’t so great but last year I had 3 mammograms during the year as they tried to rule out any changes.

Knitted Cat Rug

Today I finished up another one of my knitted projects, a cat rug, for the cats, haha. It’s not the prettiest thing and the head isn’t quite round enough even though I followed the directsion, hmmmm. Oh well, Abby doesn’t seem to mind laying on it. I didn’t sew on buttons for the eyes as I know the boys, Loki especially, will chew them off and eat them (not a good plan at all!).

Knitted cat rug
Knitted cat rug
Knitted cat rug
Abby laying on the cat rug

Harlequin and See Alice Rocking Out

Had a great time on the weekend as the band See Alice performed at a local bar. A local (rich) guy was having his 60th birthday so had booked the bar and hired an old band from the 80’s, Harlequin, to perform. It was quite an extravaganza with various food stations set up to cook the stir fry you wanted or different appetizers and snacks, along with fresh roast. There was also a comedian, a magician and a photo booth. The birthday boy also paid for everyone’s drinks that was in the bar (holy moly!!). Basically it was a free night of food, friends, fun, music and good times. Truly excellent!

Harlequin played from about 9:30-12:30 am and then See Alice closed down the night from 12:30 to 2:30 am. A group of our friends showed up and we just had a lot of fun drinkin’, eatin’ and dancin’.

I did it for love

Superstitious Feeling

A Whole Lotta Rosie

Knitting Project Finally Completed

Well, it’s taken awhile but I have finally completed a knitted afghan for my nephew (apparently I made one for his brother many many years ago but never got around to making one for him, ooops!! my bad).

Knitted Afghan
Knitted afghan for nephew

It was made with quite large needles so it’s really a loose pattern. Hopefully doesn’t fall apart on him! It only took me a couple years to complete. One of my resolutions for this year is to finish off many of my knitting projects I have on the go. I think there is around 13 or so … I’m just gonna work my way through them.

night sky

Camping in the cold

Last weekend we went out to Phyllis Lake for another weekend of camping. Abby, as usual, had to come with us as we can’t leave her home alone with her diabetes. Luckily she enjoys camping.

cat going camping











Friday was beautiful and we had a nice fire with some fishing. We didn’t have a lot of wood with us but discovered some huge logs from a tree that had been chopped down. So hubby got to work chopping, however, our axe didn’t like that wood and the handle snapped in half.

broken axe camping
Broken axe











Then Saturday came, another beautiful day with fishing and sun.

lake camping









It started raining later in the day though so no fire and we were confined indoors for the evening. We fired up the generator as our batteries were running low and while it was going decided to watch a movie. Sunday it was bloody freezing as we were packing up to go. Felt like winter as it was only 6 degrees and the wind was so cold. Brrrrrrrr.

Friday night was pretty fun as I had my camera out and was attempting some sky pictures during the evening. I went down to the lake as well and got some interesting long exposure shots. I’ll post them once I edit them off my camera. I did try some time lapse photos on Saturday (my first time doing that) and it was really fun! It takes a lot of time and shots to create a short movie, holy! This one took about 30 minutes to create but I thought it was pretty cool:

Phyllis Lake


Canning tomatoes and making salsa in a weekend!

Canning Tomatoes

This past weekend was a busy, working weekend. My sister came and we spent the whole time canning tomatoes! What a time it was as I’ve never done before. I asked her if she had and she graciously agreed to come and do it at my place (crazy, I know).

I was supposed to buy about 35 lbs and she would buy 35 lbs and we would make about 40 jars of tomatoes. But I don’t use scales at the store and mismeasured (is that a word?). As the scale I used was in kg and I thought it was lbs … whooops. I knew I had too many but it wasn’t till I got home and totaled it up that I realized I had 103 lbs!! I texted her to her know (and so she didn’t buy any!). I also mentioned she should bring more jars, haha.

Picking up tomatoes at the store
tomatoes and jars
All ready!














She arrived Saturday afternoon and we were ready to start by chopping up all those lovely tomatoes, getting jars ready, boiling water and trying to get organized. I was glad to have a dining room table to use (although we never actually eat dinner on it!). It was a long day as we were still canning at 12:30 am. Poor hubby had gone to bed but I’m sure he was worried we were going to burn the house down as we had propane burners running in the garage (with the door open, of course). Still it was probably dangerous for us to be using them!

Chopping the tomatoes
Canned jars of tomatoes













Making Salsa

Sunday we had to trot out for supplies as we’d decided to make salsa as well (what exactly were we thinking??? good grief!). The crazy part is we had to buy jars of tomatoes (WTF?). This involved a lot more chopping than tomatoes as we had onions, green peppers, red peppers to chop and a million cans to open. We were worried about the weight of the pots on my glass cooktop, so did some on there and some back on the old propane burner.

This time it wasn’t raining so we were able to put it out on the deck at least (so it was closer). Poor sissy got stuck with stirring hers out there while I had 2 on the inside burners to tend. This meant stirring for 3 hours! Oy. I don’t know how you don’t end up with it burning at least a little to the pots as they need to be bubbling. Holy cow, it was a lot of stirring. Wine was also involved with the stirring :-).

Cooking salsa!










Once the salsa was cooked down, it was time to get it into jars. What a messy job that was! It went all over the damn place even with funnels and such.

Time to can!
Canned salsa













We finished up the day by about 9:30 pm with 60 jars of tomatoes and 28 jars of salsa, so more than we had planned on making for sure!). I’m pretty lucky to have such a great sister to come and spend the weekend canning tomatoes and making salsa. It was a fun and crazy weekend and very tiring! Thanks sissy, love you loads!

tomatoes and salsa
All our canned tomatoes and salsa

Latest Knitting Project

I had promised myself I would only work on one knitting project at a time … unfortunately I am unable to comply with that! Currently I have 2 large afghans on the go and maybe 4 baby blankets. I just can’t resist when I see new yarn and want to start a new project! It’s an addiction of some sort I think. Or maybe I just can’t focus on one knitting project at a time.

I’m working on a beautiful green knitted blanket that is made up of butterflies. It’s one of the hardest blankets I’ve made and must concentrate intently when I work on the pattern (I’ve spent a LOT of time knitting backwards, rather than forwards).

I also spied some beautiful variegated yarn on a site called Ice Yarns. The company is actually located in Turkey (crazy, I know) but they have the most beautiful colours and the prices are great, it’s just the shipping that costs you, but it works out the same as buying here. So I’ve started another blanket with the lovely yarn I got (of course it arrived in a few days, so then I absolutely had to start another project!).

The one I work one during breaks at work is this knitted pink blankie. The yarn is Snuggly Wuggly and so darn soft. The pattern I picked is from Our Best Knit Baby Afghans called Blue Tranquillity. It’s a nice easy pattern that I can do quickly (as I’m a slow knitter) but I think it looks quite pretty.

knitted baby blanket
Baby blanket

What to do with all these little knitted baby afghans? My plan is to donate them to a hospital near and dear to me for their maternity ward. I’d like them to be given to mothers with stillborn babies. I think it would be nice to have a soft blanket to hold your baby. I’m hoping they won’t refuse the offer as I have yet to ask them. If they do, then I will find somewhere else that could benefit from them.