Rockin’ the House – Def Leppard!

Last night we were off to Calgary to see one of my favourite classic bands, Def Leppard. Now we have seen them a few times but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to see them every time they come around. I’ve had some bad luck the last couple times we seen them. The last time I suffered a fractured ankle getting to my floor seat (the Calgary Saddledome had rug covering cords and the floor was uneven and I tripped, even though I was being extra careful). They checked me over and said I was fine (found out a couple days later that my ankle was fractured). Anyways, I still hobbled/hopped to my seat and stood for the next couple hours (although I had to sit a couple times as I was getting dizzy and lightheaded). The time before that a gallbladder attack began on our drive down and they usually would last 6 hours, so I was in intense pain for the entire concert. Can’t say I really enjoyed myself. Tried to get some meds from the nurse but nothing was helping.

Soooooo, fingers were crossed that last night would not turn into an episode of illness and it did not!! I survived without any accidents or problems.

We arrived early as we always seem to cruise in at the last minute and miss something or the band starts early. Around 7:30 pm, One Bad Son came on stage. I was really looking forward to them as one of my current favourite songs is Retribution Blues by them (and Rustbucket). They started singing and oh my, it was bad. You were bad, One Bad Son! So disappointing. The vocals were terrible. The low notes were ok, but going for anything high was bad. Not sure what was going on with the singer but his voice was ratched. Maybe he’s not used to touring/singing every night or maybe too much partying the night before but it was not good. It was an unfortunate 45 minutes of ‘singing’. I was hopeful though that my favourite song would still sound good …. nope, that was not to be. It was painful to listen to. As hubby said (and he’s a singer in a band himself), this does not bode well for the band if they can’t sing good live, no one will want to come see you. I was curious as one of their songs had a riff that sounded just like Welcome to the Jungle by Guns N’ Roses. I was that must be one of their influences, but doesn’t appear so.

After they were done we waited for Def Leppard and around 8:45 pm, they came on stage to the excitement of us all. We were a little worried as one of the last times we seen them, the singer’s voice was not doing well. But to our surprise (and relief), he sounded awesome. Can’t hit all the high notes they used to, a lot of the lower range now but at least it sounded good. They started the night rocking and continued that way until 10:15 pm. There were a lot of highlights as favourite songs were played (Let’s Get Rocked, Pour Some Sugar on Me, Rock of Ages). The crowd was well into it and they had the place shakin’! Great show! Well worth seeing once again!



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