Silver Wedding Anniversary Celebration

Today was a very special day to celebrate with hubby, it’s our 25 wedding anniversary. Wow, where did that time go??? August 22, 1992 was a chilly day as it was only 3 degrees C and it snowed! I’m thinking that was maybe a good omen. We had a wonderful wedding with loads of family and friends that shared the day with us. It really does seem like yesterday …


Every year for the past 25 we have done something special on our anniversary. We take turns planning a surprise weekend away. The other person knows nothing of where we are going and just gets in the car while the planner drives. It’s been so much fun each year to be surprised or to be the one planning the surprise. This year was hubby’s turn but due to my ongoing illness since the end of February, we were unable to plan any time away :-(. It does make me sad that on a special anniversary we couldn’t go away somewhere. I just hope and pray things are resolved so that someday we can do a special trip.

Before heading out for dinner, we exchanged presies first. I got hubby a beautiful gold/white gold chain that matches his wedding ring. He got me a custom made necklace with 2 hearts and our birthstones and names. It’s gorgeous and I love it. We also lounged on the deck for a bit before dinner. It was a beautiful, warm, calm evening. One of my favourite songs, “In the arms of an angel” by Sarah McLachlan was playing on our stereo. It always makes me cry as I think of my mom and it’s the song I used for her memorial video when she passed away 3 years ago. So we were listening to the song and a hummingbird appeared out of nowhere and floated above us for several seconds, flapping it’s wings rapidly and then flew away. We’ve lived here for 17 years and have a honeysuckle tree that they love and had a feeder for them for a long time and I’ve never ever seen a hummingbird in our yard. I can’t help but think it was mom hearing her song and coming to wish us a happy anniversary. Miss you mom.

on the deck








Our plan was to try Cafe Tiffany’s for dinner but we got there and it’s closed for renovations. Off to the Redstone Grill but that was closed as well (not sure why). Okay, is there no place to celebrate our anniversary? Let’s try The Keg, which, of course, was open. Thank goodness! Luckily it wasn’t too busy being a Tuesday night and it was after 7 pm by the time we got there, perfect! We started off with some drinks and fresh bread and butter (so delicious). Then onto an escargot appetizer with mushroom caps. It came in a garlic tomato sauce and more bread. Very tasty. For our mains we went with steak and half a lobster. It was a messy affair getting the meat out (good thing this wasn’t a first date! lol) but it was yummy and the steaks were cooked to perfection. Onto dessert where they treated us to a free ice cream cake (it was huge and we only got through half of it).

We ended our night with a photo op:









Back home to relax and have one more celebratory drink together (hubby accused me of trying to hide his face behind my drink!! lol):


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